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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

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Why do we say RICE MILLING MACHINE is complex?
Rice milling machine project is a complex project, including many steps. Do you know rice milling machine procedures? If not, don’t worry. The follow is a detail introduction about rice milling machine procedures.
1. Rice Cleaning : removes foreign objects, such as hey, straw, stone, tree stump, and snail shell, from the paddy.
2.Rice Husking: rubs excessive husks off cleaned paddy. Once removed, brown rice is separated from the husks through the ventilation process.
3.Rice Paddy Separator : separates some unhusked paddy from brown rice by applying a difference in gravitational pull and surface friction The unhusked paddy, then, re-enters the husking process.
4.Rice Milling : strips off the bran layer from brown rice. The bran layer is by air ventilation, which sucks in the brand layer. This process usually takes 2 to 3 cycles, depending on the required milling degree.
5.Rice Grading: separates milled rice (mixture of different sizes: whole grain, head rice, and broken rice) by a sieve grader. The finished rice will be stored in individual bads, according to its grade. And the rice is ready for delivery.
Welcome to consult us for more information about rice milling machine procedure.
Any machine will lose more or less raw material, Rice Milling Machine is the same. And we can do is to reduce the losses as far as possible, realize the benefit maximization, also can improve the processing and production of rice, can also be effective protection of rice milling machine operation.
Now the market competitive is very intense, so the rice milling plant has to pay more attention to the production cost of the whole rice processing line. Although most Rice Milling Machine Manufacturers have simplify the production process, hope to further reduce the cost from the production process, the basic effect is not significant.
Why would this happen? That is because you have not fundamentally solve the problem. Therefore, you must put the focus on energy consumption, energy price is increasing, monthly electricity in many rice enterprises has become a permanent problem, energy consumption control become the important factor of material control production cost. In order to obtain energy consumption control solution, demand analysis in the process of production capacity come first, rice milling machine material losing must be controlled.
Our rice milling machines are designed to solve the problem, reducing cost or rice production for customers.
Have you ever own a rice mill plant yourself? Do you ever think to start Rice milling machine business? If so, please read on.
The first factor to consider is the rice milling machine capacity. It is important to consider the capacity of the Rice Milling Machine that you want to invest in. If you run a small operation, then you can buy a small rice milling machine. If you are looking for a good medium sized machine that can keep your business going, medium capacity rice milling machine is available. You can make a plan of your production and choose your machine on basis of it. Before making your decision, compare the machines from different manufactures and collect enough information of them. You must not take any chances because the machine will cost you a substantial amount of money and therefore you had better make sure that it is worth it.
For one who is start rice milling machine business for the first time, it may be a little difficult to find the best small rice milling machine. Furthermore, the large amount of brand names makes it harder to make a wise decision. Remember that good Rice Milling Machine Manufacture will give you good value for your money and one that its machine will be easy to operate. You also have to take your budget into account because the price is different. Reading customer reviews is also a good method to know more about rice milling machine.